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In the wake of COVID-19 we are all re-adjusting the ways in which we show up for work, our relationships and ourselves. This Holistic Healing Summit is an opportunity to learn new approaches to self-care, deepen your own relationship with 'self' and provide extra support within mind, body and spirit during this time  of quarantine. 

It is especially important under times of high stress and change that we prioritize self-care. The Holistic approach to health and well-being sees mind, body and sprit as deeply connected and intertwined. And so, we strive to nurture all those aspects of self with our self-care practices.

Homestead Healing is honored to host such an array of gifted wellness practitioners, healers  and light workers.

Warmest blessings, hope to see you there!

Community Support

Tianna Roser

Tianna Roser is a certified clinical Hypnotist and Reiki Master Teacher. She empowers and assists you in transforming old patterns, developing a healthy emotional support system and establishing a deep connection within.

 Tianna uses the tools of Hypnosis, Reiki, Coaching and classes to work with you at the source of any issue, where you can gain access to inner wisdom and find new paths and ideas opening up to you.

TUES 4/7

A practicing Western Herbalist and Yoga Instructor, Brandi has been teaching yoga and practicing clinical herbalism for 8 years now. She recently opened Earth Commons, an East Austin Apothecary & Wellness Space with her business partner, local herbalist,Caroline Caswell.
Brandi offers private herbal consultations, holistic in nature, and teaches classes regularly. Her original Austin born business is called Ritual Union. Ritual Union is a creation that offers organic plant based body products, teas, herbal extracts,
and more.

She is a life long student. 

Brandi Jo Perkins

FRI 4/10
10:30am CST


Laura is a Vedic Counselor & Educator, specializing in the Vedic sciences of Ayurvedic traditional medicine & Jyotish Vedic Astrology. 

Through her studies as well as her own long journey and personal experience in healing from a serious neurodegenerative condition, she now teaches others to understand the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether as they are expressed within their individualized inner ecosystems, and how they can work with the laws of nature to understand where, how and why disease has occurred for them, and how to then embrace true health moving forward. 

Laura Aleksandra Pravs

Laura Bautista is a Board Certified Holistic Practitioner & High Performance Health Coach. She suffered with chronic illness and disease for many years and now helps people release those burdens by addressing root causes and facilitating life-changing healing journeys.

 She has over 10 years of holistic health education, advanced training, certifications, and clinical experience in personalized “root cause” healing and optimizing health from a cellular level. She is extremely passionate and knowledgeable about the body’s
 innate ability to heal itself given what it needs. She teaches about lifestyle design, spiritual business, disease prevention, and learning the language of your body’s physical and emotional symptoms. 

Laura Bautista

Daniela Silva

Daniela is a first generation latina who was born and raised in Houston, Texas. She has been curious about the concept of the soul from a young age and has spent years undergoing spiritual exploration.
Upon returning from a two year long Peace Corps service in West Africa, she began studying the Bhagavad Gita and the Bible, then spent a month at a Hindu ashram in India training to become a yoga instructor. Having visited 21 countries in an effort to deepen her understanding of human behavior, Daniela has collected a wealth of knowledge relating to adaptability and resilience.
 She joins us to share her culmination of spiritual, experiential and academic knowledge with an enthusiastic and open heart.

Regina Visconi is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and founder & owner of Wellspring Therapeutics in Austin, TX., where she offers Structural Integration, Ayurveda, Herbal Medicinals, and Mindfulness & Wellness Coaching.

Beyond her specialized training in Anatomy Trains and MBSR, she is currently completing an Ayurvedic Post Partum Care Specialist licensing program, and is loving every minute of it! Although originally from Chicago, Regina has lived in Austin since 2004, and thoroughly enjoys everything Austin has to offer! Her heart feels at home here. 

Regina Visconi

Laura Ann is a Heart and Healing Mentor. She offers holistic mentorship for women breaking through self-destructive patterns so they can thrive! Having been sober for two years herself, her personal experience healing through issues with alcohol and drug abuse help her facilitate breakthroughs for other women.
Her experiences over the last decade working as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Myofascial Release Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Soulful Coach have deeply affected her own personal transformation and inform her approach to mentorship.

Holder of sacred space, intuitive guide and healer, Laura Ann empowers women on their healing journey back home to their true selves.

Laura Ann Gilpin

Anisha Anand

As a Personal Wellness Chef and essential oil coach, Anisha strives to inspire and empower people to promote their health and wellness with food and the power of plants with essential oils, herbs, spices and vegetables. She creates, cooks and teaches nutritious recipes and meals in your home. Her goal is to bring back the power to reach your wellness goals back into your hands with food as medicine in your own kitchen.

Ashley Maltz,

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Dr. Ashley Maltz earned a Medical Degree and Master in Public Health from the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) in Galveston, TX, followed by completion of a combined Internal and Preventive Medicine Residency at UTMB and a 2-year Integrative Medicine Fellowship at Stamford Hospital, in Stamford, Connecticut.
She practices medical acupuncture, mind-body techniques, Functional Medicine and Holistic Primary Care at West Holistic Medicine in Austin, Texas. She also has a small practice in Houston’s Galleria area. 
In 2017, in an intuitive call to foster more inter-professional collaboration, Dr. Maltz founded the Austin Wellness Collaborative, an online and in-person group of over 1700 health and wellness professionals from a variety of healing backgrounds and teachings. She has built a nurturing and cohesive community with the aim of giving back to Central Texas residents in the form of improved health and optimal wellness.
She loves fostering community and supporting others on their missions.

WED 4/8

FRI 4/10
1:30pm CST

TALK released Saturday)

WED 4/8
10:30am CST

MON  4/6
1:30pm CST

 THURS 4/9
1:30pm CST

 THURS 4/9
10:30am CST

At the heart of the Holistic approach is the understanding that mind, body and spirit are deeply connected and intertwined.
And so when talking about any wellness routines it is imperative that all these aspects of self are considered and nurtured. 
When you work with and heal one aspect of self it effects the whole.

Why Holistic?

Likewise, when one aspect of yourself  is out of balance it effects your entire self. Learning how to listen to, nurture and love yourself on all levels is what paves the path to balance and wellness, vitality and resilience. It is our hope that this summit will shed some new perspectives and light on the hows and whys of holistic healing and self-care.

Learn how to love yourself more wholly! Join us all the week of April 6th-10th  for more support around your own self-care practice.
Until then, love and light.

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