As a little girl I was sparkling bright and full of magic. Full of imagination and spirit, always playing, always learning and creating, caring for every living thing, talking to animals and trees. Always wanting to help, feeling everything acutely and not realizing that this was a special gift. Picking up on the energy of an exchange, in a room. Picking up on the thoughts and feelings between the words. As a kid I said things that made adults uncomfortable because I'd feel that hidden truth behind their words, exposing things they weren’t ready to face. And so they told me I was wrong, I was imagining things or making them up. That I “should learn to tell the difference from pretend and reality.” We just didn't know that I was an Empath and a Highly Sensitive Person.

My reality was the felt and unseen world of emotion. I didn't have a guide, I didn't know why I felt so much and I didn't know how to deal with all my feels. Early childhood trauma left me grasping at survival techniques like numbing out. Using drugs, alcohol and food to protect myself. Through it all, though, I still heard the whispers of my heart. Very quietly at first. Over time I learned to trust my heart’s guidance. 

I trusted my heart when she told me to leave my home and work on a farm in Puerto Rico. I trusted her when she told me to move to Austin, go to massage school and pursue a career in the healing arts. And thank god I did! Learning to care for others built the bridge for me to learn to care for myself. To remember how to love myself. To figure out how to use different tools, techniques and practices to support my needs as an Empath and HSP, step into my power and utilize my gifts.

Loving myself opened the door to healing my trauma. To realign with my soul’s purpose, live life more and more based on my heart’s guidance, on my feelings and intuition. To stop numbing out all the time and live a sober, present life. To start listening to and nourishing my body and spirit. These heart centered decisions and actions continue to create space for me to heal, which continue to strengthen my connection to heart, and on and on. It would be my honor to facilitate YOUR healing journey back into your own power. Your gifts as an Empath are needed in this world.  It's time to claim your sensitivity superpowers!

Why work with me?
I stepped into my power and claimed my gifts.

I was sparkling, bright and full of magic...


Hello love,
 I'm Laura Ann,
your Healing

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Laura Ann Speaks : A Story on Sobriety. 
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